HDPE Pipes

Laxmi HDPE pipe is available in various sizes from 40 mm to 250 mm.
We manufacture complete piping system of all these sizes as per your order. It is very easy to restrict the flow of liquids, drinking water, farming water, waste water, etc.
from one place to another using underground. It is very effective in accurately transferring potable water. At present, this pipe has great importance.

Coil HDPE Pipe

Size: 40mm to 90mm

Due to the thin shape, we pack it in the shape of a coil. This makes transportation and installation very economical and easy. You can cut it as per your requirement.

Straight HDPE pipe

Size: 110mm & above

Due to the thick shape, we cannot make it coiled. Its size is 3 meters and 6 meters long. It is added and laid underground. It is very useful in government schemes.

HDPE Pipe Fitting

Installation of pipes made from HDPE material requires different types of fittings. We also manufacture fittings in HDPE material for this. Its installation is very easy due to the similar properties in the material. It is heated and affixed to an electrically driven heating plate, which is a very strong grip. They are produced for all sizes according to the size of different types of pipes. We use flange to connect to different species of pipes. Bands are used to change direction of pipe lines. Use the tee to change the pipe line in three directions. Use a reducer to connect various sizes of pipes. Use IndCap where the end of the pipe line ends. There are many more fittings of this type.

Collar Flange

The collar made of PP material is very stiff and strong. The central part of it seems to have a flange made by HDPE material. The neck of the flanges is of two types, big and small. Being HDPE material, it is affixed to the pipe with an electrically heated heating plate. The collar has a tightening system with a nut-bolt.


It is made of HDPE material. It is used to change direction of pipe line. Using this, the pipe line can be rotated at different angles. It is also produced in various sizes according to the size of the pipe. It is heated with an electrically driven heating plate and attached to the pipe. Its joint is unbreakable.

End cap

You can use it at the place where the flow of the pipe inside the pipe is to be stopped. Being HDPE material, its installation is very easy. It is heated by a hitting plate and pasted at the end of the pipe.


It is used to flow through a pipe line in three directions. It is manufactured from HDPE material. Its installation is very simple. It is heated with an electrically driven heating plate and attached to the pipe. Its joint is unbreakable.


It is used to connect two different size hdpe pipes. It is manufactured such that both the ends have different shape. Like -90 mm and 75 mm are pipes of two different sizes and both have to be connected with each other, then you can connect both pipes using reducer. It is made of hdpe material. Therefore, we can heat with an electrically heated heating plate and adjoin each other which will be unbreakable joint.

Service saddle

We are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and trading of PP Service Saddle. Available in various sizes, these products are manufactured using virgin raw material by modern machinery. Our product-line is widely acknowledged for its dimensional accuracy, tensile strength, durability, easy installation, fine finish and resistivity to temperature & corrosion.

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